About the Bacalar Area

Laguna Bacalar

When people first see Laguna Bacalar, whether with their own eyes or in photos, their first reaction tends to be "there’s no way that’s freshwater, it’s obviously some inlet of the Caribbean!"

Lake Bacalar's varying shades of blue, from turquoise to sapphire, are normally found only in certain blessed saltwater destinations in the Caribbean. But it’s true... Lake Bacalar is 100% fresh, clean spring water. Lake Bacalar is fed by a series of giant underground springs (called cenotes) and each day replenished with millions of gallons of limestone-filtered, crystal clear water.  Bacalar is so clear it takes on various hues of blue depending on the depth… hence it’s nickname “the lake of seven colors”.

Lake Bacalar is a water lover's dream, whether for you this means sailing, waterskiing, swimming or kayaking. For some people this simply means lying in a hammock at the end of your pier, mesmerized by the shimmering colors and wondering how a place of such unreal beauty actually exists.

The area around Laguna Bacalar is also rich in history, from Mayan ruins (large and small; some excavated, others untouched), to a restored stone fort in the middle of town complete with moat and cannons... the Bacalar area is a history buff's dream. The town of Bacalar was recently awarded "Pueblo Magico", or "Magic Town" status by the Mexican government, recognizing the town's unique beauty and history (and winning millions of dollars in federal funds for safekeeping of the town's historic value as well as infrastructure improvements).

Why work with Bacalar Properties?

On the internet you may come across real estate brokers who claim to be experts in the Laguna Bacalar area, while in fact they operate out of faraway cities and have little knowledge about the Bacalar area.  We at Bacalar Properties have LIVED in and around Bacalar for 17 years, and we work only in Bacalar. We are the only true Bacalar experts!   Working with Bacalar Properties you can expect top notch customer service, honesty and transparency throughout your buying process.  

Because we love this area so much, we are dedicated to preserving it. The fact that there will be development here in the coming years is irrefutable, and we are in a position to help steer this development onto the most ecologically sound path possible. We support sustainable development and encourage our clients to do the same. From green architecture to renewable energy systems and responsible waste management, we are available to consult our clients and introduce them to local experts on these subjects.

Hammocks on Laguna Bacalar

Hammocks on Laguna Bacalar

Xcalak, Costa Maya

Xcalak, Costa Maya.

Laguna Bacalar

Casa on Laguna Bacalar

Enjoy this helicopter view of Bacalar.

Water views from around Bacalar.

The Lagoon of 7 colors.